Time to buy a Lottery Ticket!

My Bunny block, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
Todays mail brought lovely surprises! My Anything Goes round robin block returned today! I'd seen pictures of it on Gerry's blog, but as so often happens, pictures don't do justice to it! I absolutely love and adore all the bunnies and flowers on this block! A huge thankyou to each of the ladies (Meg, Wendy, Ati and Gerry) who worked on this block!

ATG Trad RR nkd block
When I sent this "naked' block out, I'd asked for everyone to "think spring". I'd also sent along a few crocheted flowers made by my Aunt Lois for someone to add on the block.

bunnies 1
Gerry thought the block needed to be filled up, so she embroidered all these wonderful bunnies and even painted a bunny button to go on the block!

bunnies 2
All these bunnies make me happy! Or is that hoppy?! (sorry ~ couldn't resist!)

bunnies 3
I especially adore the little one on the right ~ so sweet!

from Jill P
The mail also brought another delightful treasure! The third altoid tin arrived today, this one from Jill P who included a trove of lovely fabrics and number of lovely silkies to use in my work. There are number of them tiny enough to be used for inchies! Won't that be fun to try!

Tin from Jill
It's a lovely tin ~ Jill does beautiful work!

Between receiving my wonderful bunny block and the three gorgeous Altoid tin's this week, I feel like I won the jackpot! With all this bounty coming my way, maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket!


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