The Berry Patch

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Yesterday, we took a day off from downsizing my folks. I made a trip to Niwot, Colorado to one of my favorite stores, the Berry Patch! Not only do they have a lovely array of gifts, soaps and ornaments of all kinds, but about 1/3rd of the store is devoted to fancy ribbons and trims!


Ribbons and Trims Galore!
The whole back wall is lined with shelf upon shelf of beautiful silk ribbons of all varieties. There are racks of exquisite trims and lace, some tiny and narrow, other's large and wide, both new and old, all beautiful and some very old (and very expensive!).

There are boxes of buttons in wonderful variety!

Lovely trims
Each time I visit, I come home with a handful of treasures to use in crazy quilting! This time, I choose lovely bits in shades of green and rose.

Silk stash
I also was able to fill in the gaps of my silk ribbon embroidery stash with colors I'd used up. I also added some lovely silk threads and some new variegated rayon threads to try. A stop at the fabric store added some pieces of silk dupioni to my stash as well!

Now I just need to find some time to do some stitching!


NickiLee said…
OMG! I would have thought I died and went to CQ heaven! What a beautiful store - sure hope I can make it out that way someday.
I ran across a link to you on Lorraine's Creative Daily where she had mentioned she found this shop through your blog. It looks amazing! We go to Breckenridge every year (almost) but would be a ways from this shop. One of these years maybe I can convince the Mr. to swing up that way! Of course that looks like it would be a full day trip (most of it shopping inside the store).

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