One Last Adventure with Trusty

Trusty is my 2004 Subaru Forester.  Up until Trusty, my luck with cars was rather abysmal and I was left stuck on the side of the road more times than I care to count.  Trusty gained her name by being incredibly reliable for the past 14 years and over 200,000 miles!  Not once has she left me stranded! I think I've spent more time in her than I've spent in my various homes over those same years!  We've been on so many adventures together and travelled back and forth between wherever I was living at the time and Colorado.  

But time and age takes its toll and though Trusty still looks pretty good for her age, she is showing signs that she might not be so trusty in the  near future.  Her bearings and joints are creaking, she overheats a little now, the belts are stretched and loose and various little things have been coming undone over the past few months.  At first I hoped to repair her and keep driving her, but suddenly the list of things needing repair grew beyond a reasonable budget for an old car.  So along with all the other changes in my life, it's time to say goodbye to Trusty and God willing, next week will bring a new vehicle into my life.  I can only hope and pray it will be as wonderful as Trusty has been!  

With the need for a couple of days of R&R, we headed for the hills for one last adventure together. It's only a car, but I find I'm feeling rather sentimental over knowing that this is our last trip together. 

We started off with an old favorite ~ Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.  With lovely vistas of the valley below, the road winds up a canyon and exits at the Alpine Visitor Center around 11,000 feet in altitude.  

Along the way we passed lovey waterfalls,

hairpin turns on the dirt road (and some pretty big ruts in places!).  

Despite the rapidly changing seasons in the mountains, there are still lovely wildflowers to be seen along the roadside.  

We also explored a spot I don't recall having ever been to before in Rocky.  This is Lake Irene.  It's a short walk away from a lovely picnic spot.  

The Fly Amanita mushrooms were out!  Poisonous for humans, they don't seem to bother the chipmunks.  

We enjoyed the drive over to Milner Pass and this lovely view of Poudre Lake which straddles the Continental Divide.  The water closest in this photo flows to the Gulf of Mexico while the water furthest away flows into the Colorado River and on towards the Pacific.  

We ended our first day with a drive through another favorite spot, Moraine Park.  Usually the meadow is full of elk, but today, the only wildlife sighting was this coyote who crossed the road right next to me.  

Then he decided to follow Trusty for a little bit.  When we would stop, so would he.  When we drove on, he followed!  After about a ¼ mile, he decided to pass us and loped on by!  What a treat to end our day with!  



Not long after my last post, I made the decision to put my house up for sale.  With God's grace and blessing, it sold within 48 hours of listing for more than the asking price!  You can see the listing here if you are interested: https://www.iresis.com/cwa/link/listing?llid=prvt60&lid=1129806#  I am not sure how much longer the photos (which are amazing!) will be visible.  The photographer did an amazing job despite a stormy evening and dull light!  

With a closing date set for three short weeks after the sale, things have been happening quickly!  My kids all rallied to help me and I have moved in with my oldest son, his wife, and my dear sweet granddaughter for the moment, which will give me some time to figure out exactly what comes next.  

I've done a lot of downsizing and packing in the past couple of weeks as well!  The things I kept have been moved to storage for the time being and there is a "living" estate sale taking place over the next few days to get rid of the rest!   

Closing is this coming week and then it's on to figuring out the next part of this adventure!  In the meantime, I'm taking a couple of days of rest and rejuvenation in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I'm excited about this next part of life's journey - and to be truthful, just a bit anxious about it as well. Stepping out into the unknown is always a challenge, but God is faithful and has seen me through thus far!