More Round Robin Blocks

Pam's UTS block, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
Pam's Under the Sea DYB block was a joy to work on! For each of her blocks, she choose a theme and added bits of lace and embroidery. How nice that the one I would have choosen was still available to work on! This block had the themes "sandy rock pool" and "sea floor". Pam had already added the tatted lace that gave the spit of sand so much wonderful texture as well as some delicately embroidered fronds of greenery on the sea floor.

Pam's block detail
For the sandy rock pool, I added sea urchins, lots of shells and "sand" as well as a starfish. Along the water's edge, there are lots of little irredescent beads to given the appearance of water.

Pam's block gull
I struggled at first with how to embellish the top half of the block, eventually deciding to add a flying gull (inspired by the gulls on the print fabric) so that it gave the appearance of a "bird's eye view" to the block. A bit of irredescent Balger cord added a glimmering water surface that unfortunately doesn't show up in the photos very well. Of all the round robins I've done, I think this is my favorite block so far!

Laura's DYB block
I also finished a block for Laura. She hopes to use her blocks in a "Project Linus" quilt, so asked for no beads, buttons or things that might come off and endager a small child. For inspiration, I perused through some vintage embroidery patterns. The central fabric of this block is bright and the contrasts on it so strong that it was a challenge to do embroidery work that would show up. Using bright pearl cottons in a size 5 helped!


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