Karrin's block

Karrin's block , originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
When Karrin's Under the Sea round robin blocks arrived, the blocks completed already by Lauri and Peggy had established a great theme of large motifs, lots of color and filled to the gills! I knew I wanted to add something with a bit of glitz to it to go with the underwater fanta-sea castle and the treasure chest, so I decided to do a treasure bearing giant clam. In my stash, I had the fish applique and it proved to be a perfect element for this block.

Detail of Karrin's block
The clam is made of wool felt with stitching to give it texture and shape. Because many of the photos I found of giant clams showed a brilliant blue inner lining, I used blue beads around the inside of the mouth and then filled it with bits of pearls.

Karrin's blocks
My block has a bit more open space than the others, but I think it balances well and fits well with the other two completed blocks! Hope that Karrin enjoys it!


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