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White Sands National Monument - 14Feb2018

White Sands National Monument has one of the prettiest visitor centers.  An old adobe building with lovely wooden vigas and timbers. After our long day driving the day before, we were off to a slow start.  The cloudy cool weather promised a bit of rain later in the day as well.  It didn't seem like an ideal day to visit the sand dunes.  
The valley floor is flat and covered in brushy grass.  The sand dunes rise off of this plain in scrubby covered dunes that form a wall around the perimeter.  
White sandy paths lead up onto the dunes in various places.  The sand is white enough to look like snow and isn't any easier to walk on!  
Once up on the dunes, the vista changes to one of white with mountains in the distance and pockets of dry vegetation.  
While the sand appears white as can be, up close it's more of a cream color.  So lightweight though!  It's formed in a process of selenite washing down from the mountains, gathering and then evaporating from shallow pools of…

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