Fans and Sakura

Rita's block, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
Rita's DYB blocks are beautifully pieced and each feature a lovely goldfish! She asked for an Oriental theme, so I chose to do fans and sakura (cherry blossoms). The other blocks completed so far were done in a monochromatic theme to match the block, so I worked that way as well, using mostly pink but also a bit of yellow and gold.

Rita block detail 2
The fans were inspired by the work of Hideko, which you can see on her blog, Wind from the East. Scattered around the block are silk ribbon embroidered sakura as well as a few sakura beads.

Rita block detail 1
The seam treatments on this block are simple and unadorned as I wanted the focus to be on the fans and sakura.

Rita block detail 5
This is the last of the blocks for this Anything Goes Do Your Block round robin. It has been fun to see the different variations that everyone came up with and a challenge to try to new directions in my stitching! Soon, I hope to see my flower fairy themed blocks return and can't wait to see what everyone has done on them!


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