Lyn's Block

Lyn block 18Jul09, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
This is Lyn's block ~ the last of the round robin blocks in the Under the Sea DYB round robin. That means I've completed my portion on all the round robins that I've been involved in the past few months. I'll miss having these blocks to work on, but I'm also looking forward to working on a few of my own projects for a while!

For Lyn's block, I used a vintage embroidery pattern for the fish. A couple of the other blocks also used a bit of this golden yellow color and so I was looking to do something that coordinated. I tried to bring in some bright pink too, but it just didn't go! Most of the blocks also had a some bright green sea-weed, though it doesn't show up terribly well in the picture below, so I added some in eyelash yarn as well as some created from wool roving. The little blue clusters at the bottom leftof my block are bits of trim received in a swap from Quatar!
Lyn's blocks
Seeing all the blocks together may help you to see why I worked the way I did. Two of the blocks (the beaded dolphin by Lauri and the beaded fancy fish by Peggy) have strong large motifs. The blocks by Pam and Karrin have smaller patterns of work throughout the blocks. To help balance the group, I tried to fill my block to pair well with Pam's block (lower left). Now Lyn can finish the last block to pair with Karrin's block (upper left ~ I apologize for getting it sideways in the picture!) and the set will be nicely balanced!


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