Linen Hussif

Front of Hussif, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

In between round robin projects, I've been trying to complete a few of my own unfinished items. The latest is a Hussif that I started last autumn. This was one of those projects that started out great, but as I went to assemble it, realized it had some problems that I couldn't figure out how to resolve at the time. Discouraged, it ended up in the bottom of my "to do" basket. When I looked at it a few days ago, a solution presented itself and last night I was able to finish it in a couple of hours! I'm so glad because the embroidery and ribbon rose on the front of this has to be one of my favorite bits of handwork that I've ever done!

Back of Hussif
On the back, a little pocket holds a small altered Moleskine cahir that I use to sketch out seam treatments and embroidery ideas. To close the hussif, I added ribbon ties of the same ribbon used on the outer petals of the rose. To keep the ribbon from raveling with use, the end of each tie received a rolled hem.

Inside a
Originally, I wanted these two flaps on the inside to be in the opposite positions to help keep the scissors more secure. When stitching, I mixed up how each side folded to the inside and got them backwards! It also meant that the innermost pockets wouldn't end up where I had planned.

Inner inside a
Another problem on this was that when I measured, I neglected to add extra room in the folds to allow for filled pockets. So rather than the large pleated pockets I had wanted, I created a simple flat pocket using the front and inside front. It's just the right size to slip in a folded crazy quilt block. The middle section has old celluloid rings to hold a selection of ribbons and threads. On the right side I added another flat pocket to hold bobbins of thread, packets of beads and other trifles to embellish a crazy quilt block with. At the center top, I added an emory strawberry and a crocheted thimble pouch.

In the end, despite the problems that occured along the way, I'm really happy with the way it turned out! I'm so glad I let it rest awhile and was able to look at it with fresh eyes to see it through to completion!


Anonymous said…
Lovely project
Very inspiring
Thanks for the blog
Karen said…
How beautiful is that??? Your work is always inspiring and this is another gorgeous peice!! I bought a kit and it never got done, not even sure if I still have the kit anywhere. Guess I should look for it.
Sweet Sue said…
Hi Lisa, when I started blogging couple of yrs ago I discovered your blog, then due to my blogging inexperience, lost it. Happily, I've found you again. May I say your very fine hussif is one of the most gorgeous finishes ever seen. Also enjoyed your book of stitches, very clever keeping notes:) Have a lovely weekend.

Sue in Finger Lakes Region, NY
Santie said…
I am truly moved. I came upon the word 'hussif' in a novel, and gathered that it must be something to do with needle crafts. I googled it, and there it was: s simply beautiful, useful work of art! Thank you so much for sharing.
Barb_in_GA said…
This is one of the loveliest hussifs I have seen. Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing it with us.
Sharon B said…
I WANT one - what pattern did you use?
sharonb said…
Lisa lovely Hussif - I really like the rings to hold threads - I notice there is a nother person signing off Sharon B so this is Sharon B of Pintangle
Anonymous said…
I'd like to add my two cents and say that you do extraordinary work and you're a gifted and talented young woman, full of bright ideas.
While this particular piece wasn't your original design, you didn't throw it away. Instead, you created something new and different that we fellow artists find useful and beautiful.
I plan to make a hussif for myself using your design.
Thanks for all of the photos you post, as they encourage many of us to try something new and lovely. If all else fails, we get to peek into your playground!


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