Little Pincushions

09Jul09, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

I finished up a couple more small pincushions from the unfinished project basket. Pieced from silk dupioni, these are more "art objects" rather than functional pincushions, though they would display a nice brooch very well!

Blue white Jul09
The blue and white pincushion is fairly simple. It needs a millinary flower on that large white triangle, but I'll have to find one in white or blue first!

rose cream green Jul09
This rosy pincushion has lots of stitching and beads plus a silk ribbon rose. I used a few of my favorite vintage rosy sequins on it. I love their patina.

Seams 01
I thought you might like to see a couple pages from the "Stitch Book" that fits in the pocket on the back of the Hussif. I sketch stitch patterns in it whenever I see things that I like. It makes such a handy reference to keep nearby!

Winter pages
The ideas for the stitches and seam treatments come from many places ~ round robin blocks, books, blogs of crazy quilters, my own designs and most often from my favorite resource ~ Flickr! There are thousands of photos of crazy quilting in endless variety to provide plenty of inspiration! Simply do a search on "crazy quilting", "crazy quilt", or embroidery and plan to spend a good part of the day browsing!


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