Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement

I am a lover of nature, of peace, solitude and quiet. I revel in the beauty that is revealed around us daily, no matter where we are.  My hope is that my creations will nourish peace and hope in those who observe it and encourage them to seek out the wellspring of all life.

As an artist, I seek out the beauty in life, from the grand vistas to the most minute details.  It might be how the light shines at a particular moment.   Or how a storm intensifies color.  Or simply how a particular view or detail captures my fancy.  Regardless, it is something that caught my eye, triggered a response in my heart that I have to capture and share with others.

I work in several mediums, ranging from oil painting, watercolor, and photography, to the needle arts of crazy quilting and embroidery, as well as writing, I strive to capture light, beauty and the gifts of life that make my heart sing, in hopes that it touches others as well.

Artist Biography

Lisa Plooster Boni is an artist working in the mediums of oils, watercolor and ink, the needle arts, and photography.  She lives in Longmont, Colorado.

Lisa fell in love with embroidery as a young girl and has been stitching ever since.  Since 2007, her work has focused on crazy quilting.  Her work has been published in the European quilting magazine, “Magic Patch” and in the Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine among others.  Lisa teaches workshops on crazy quilting and embroidery techniques, and presents lecture/workshops for various quilt guilds. For a time, Lisa published Crazy Quilt Magazine (back copies available through MagCloud here:

Lisa’s paintings and needle arts are in various private collections across the U.S.  She shares her work through her blog; and through her YouTube Channel:

As a child, influenced by artists such as Beatrix Potter and Racy Helps, Lisa filled the margins of her school papers with drawings of rabbits and mice in clothing.  In the 7th Grade at Burbank Jr. High School in Boulder Colorado, Lisa took an art class from Mrs. Curtis who taught her how to draw what was really there instead of what she thought she saw.  This class changed Lisa’s art and provided the firm foundation for all of her artwork today.

           1973, 1974, 1975 - First place three years running, Girl Scouts Mile High Council "Cookie
           Badge" design competition (to be awarded to the scouts who sold the most cookies).   

Art Education:
University of Denver
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder Continuing Education Program
WetCanvas website
Plein Air painting workshop with Marc Hanson, August 2013
Workshop with Dream Tolle Perry 2016
Workshop with Karen Ramsey, July 2018
Workshop with Jane Hunt, September 2019

Plein Air Artists of Colorado
Crazy Quilting International

Natural History Magazine October 2011
BH&G Lowes Creative Ideas for Living, Desert Edition Spring 2012
Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine: Spring 2014
Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine: Spring 2015, Summer, 2015, Autumn 2015, Holiday 2016, 2019 Calendar
Magic Patch Magazine, May/June 2015

Web Features:
National Park Service, Route 66 Website             



Sandy Graham said…
I have only recently found your blog posts. I absolutely love your crazy quilt needlework . I took a class from Allie Aller at the Road2California Quilt Show last year and loved her style. I have been reading through some of your older blogs too and enjoy your photographs so much of nature. Like you, I do watercolors and some journaling, so feel we are kindred spirits in so many ways. I am doing CQJP this year, but only have finished 3 so far---hope to get caught up. I have one little technical question to ask you and that IS: when you are doing embroidery that is very evenly spaced, what do you use to mark the fabric? I have tried to just use a tiny ruler and a small pencil dot-----Recently ordered Sharon Boggons Templates---I'm not sure if she has mentioned what she uses to mark her fabric. Thanks for any info. Sandy Graham. (California)

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