Stitching Corner!

Stitching Corner!, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The carpets are cleaned and I was given the go-ahead to put everything back, so my apartment is getting back to normal at last, including the new stitching corner in the living room! I'd been trying to stitch sitting in the big comfy chairs, but while they are great for relaxing, taking a nap or kicking back to watch a movie, they weren't great for stitching in. So I moved my table and shelves over by the window and set up a dedicated stitching corner.

Threads Buttons n Boxes
A quick turn to the side and I can reach all my threads and silk ribbons as well as boxes of color coordinated trims. I sorted all the buttons out into color coordinated tubs to make it easier to find what I'm after.

Stitching books
Turn a little more and I can access all my stitching books (and knitting books too!) as well as more lace, trims and beads.

Stitching Table
The table provides a nice space to work. Having the cubby-hole shelf nearby helps to keep all the little bits organized, yet in view so I can quickly see what I'm after. I use shallow wooden trays, painted white, to organize my projects and can easily set them aside if I need more space. It looks a little cluttered, but that seems to be the way I work best!

Getting back together
And in the afternoon, when the sun comes in for it's brief visit, the living room and my stitching corner are beautifully bright! I love the new open feeling and that I can stitch and look outside to watch the birds in the trees and the occasional wildlife that visits the hillside! There are still a few things to put away, but they go in the storage shed on the patio, which hasn't been repaired as of yet. But now the end is in sight and functional again!

Now I need to take advantage of all this freshening up and get some of the round robin blocks finished that I've gotten so far behind on!


Unknown said…
All I can say is "Awesome!" )))
Jenni said…
I know it would not be helpful to be glad of the 'incident' but sometimes the changes that a disaster brings can be so worthwhile. Every cloud has a silver lining so to speak.
Your corner looks totally enviable to me - love the white for storage etc then the little explosions of colour that show work in progress.
Beautiful job!
I see some great storage ideas that I might adopt in the future. We're moving to an apartment in the next few months, so my stitching area will be much smaller. Thanks for the inspiration!
Lora said…
i love your style! so shabby chic and beautiful!! :)
Anonymous said…
That looks amazing. I'm especially envious of that huge window! What a marvellous place to create.
Lesley said…
What a lovely little sewing space you've created. It looks so inviting. Thank you so much for sharing. blessings
FredaB said…
I am so glad things are getting back to normal for you Lisa. Sometimes it takessomething like this to give us a shove in the direction we really would like to go. Your place looks just as I imagine your place would. Very peaceful and restful.


Yvonne Moxon said…
Isnt it wonderful when you get a dedicated space for stitching with all your books materials and inspiration to hand. You have made a beautiful space...enjoy!
allie aller said…
How utterly cozy and inviting. I'm sure so many beautiful works of art will be created in this lovely stitching corner...
Tatkis said…
Your stitching corner is so beautiful and cosy! Lovely place to create!

Best wishes,
Guemalde said…
a long time without coming ... !! I like your style .. so quite so sweet with a little bit of shabby ... Bravo !! !!
Josie said…
Hi Lisa! A belated Happy Birthday to a wonderful gal! I just love your pics of your work cheerful! I might copy a couple of your ideas! :-) Keep up the wonderful and beautiful work you do! Josie in Texas

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