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Valdani Pearl Cotton, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend a day at the Phoenix Quilt Festival. There is limited opportunity to add nice fabrics to my working stash in Flagstaff, so it's a treat to go and see so many wonderful things! I'd been saving up for it and came home with a nice assortment of things like these lovely Valdani Pearl Cotton threads in lovely woodland shades!

Lace Motifs
There were also a few dealers there with bargain bin priced lace. I ended up with quite an assortment of trims, most for around a dollar!

New Books!
One of the things I didn't get last year was Ann Cox's lovely A to Z of Ribbon Flowers. All year long, I regretted not having picked it up, so it was my first purchase along with a couple of other lovely books!

Woodland Fabrics
My main reason for going to the festival was that I wanted some more batiks in shades of woodland/green. I was able to pick up a nice assortment! I love these! They will be a perfect complement to my current stash and should give me enough fabric to create my woodland quilt!

Just for Fun fabric
Then there was this fabric, just for fun, in lovely tropical shades!

Felted Wool and more Batik
A little bundle of rosy red dyed felted wool made me think of hearts... and the lovely rosy/lavender batik would go beautifully!

Wildflower Fabrics
My surprise purchase was this lovely assortment of wildflower fabrics. They remind me of the gorgeous wildflowers in the Colorado high country that I so enjoy. I debated over and again, and as you can see, eventually decided that they must come home with me! Now to dream up a lovely project to use them in!


Anonymous said…
That's my idea of a perfect day out! I use Valdani threads a lot. You got some really lovely fabrics and trims too.
Rachel said…
That sounds like such fun.

But I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with the wildflower fabrics!
Ruby said…
Perfect purchasing choices! Love it all! Had fun didn't you!!
Susie Wolfe said…
I'll bet you saw the same "lace lady" who was at Road to California. I too came home form "Road" with a lovely "inexpensive" assortment of lace. Love the batiks you found. It will be fun to watch what you create with all the goodies. (and I'm envious of the books!)

Susie W

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