Springtime on my Walls

Springtime on my Walls, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

One of the things I love about my new arrangement, is that it gives me more wall space to hang some of my favorite paintings! These have been tucked away in the back of my closet for far too long and I'm so delighted to have them out again! Can you tell that I really love springtime?! While the lower center painting was inspired by a photo in a magazine, the others are all views of Iowa in the spring.

I lived in Iowa for two years while going to nursing school and fell in love with the rural landscape and especially the intense greens of springtime! Just looking at these brings back such wonderful memories of driving along the gravel roads, breathing in the damp earthy smells of spring, soaking in all the beauty! I loved that tucked away here and there were little parks or preserves, such as Sutcliffe Woodland, the scene of the painting on the left. My daughter and I were driving along one day and saw a sign for it and decided to take a look. After driving several miles along an increasingly rural road, we pulled into a tree covered parking area, walked through the big orange farm gate and were greeted with this lovely scene ~ hundreds and hundreds of Resurrection Lilies in full bloom in a wooded glade. It was right out of a fairy tale!

Pictures hung


Cathy said…
Lisa, you have made your home so HOMEY! It is beautiful and restful-looking. The spring pictures are wonderful and I truly love how much you appreciate the beauty of nature. Besides the stories and photographs that you share with us on your blog, you also infuse beauty into your stitchery. I`m sure I speak for many of us who appreciate all the beauty, in any form, that you bring into our lives! And I felt it was high time that I told you! Big hugs, Cathy
Adrienne said…
I absolutely LOVE your artwork. It adds such a wonderful 'feel' to your home. And your new sewing area is perfect. Just perfect!
Unknown said…
Everything is coming back together so nicely.
You picked a perfect spot for your sewing corner. And all your artwork just makes it all look complete.
Anonymous said…
I love the stitching corner and the view from the window is such a bonus for you. The whole living room has taken on a new life:) Enjoy, Mary
LLOR said…
j'aime beaucoup votre blog, je le trouve très beau, et ce post sur le printemps est très beau...


Kiss from my PROVENCE in FRANCE,
Lorraine said…
Love the renewed space - great stitching area!

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