Autumn Block for Ritva

Autumn Block for Ritva, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Christmas may be past and most of us are looking forward to spring, but I've been stitching away with thoughts of autumn! I got a little behind on this round robin and am so happy to have finished Ritva's block! The bright orange fabrics were a challenge for me on this block. Adding a piece of dyed lace helped to tone down the brightest block and provided a bit of color to pull through the rest of the block. Each of the other people who worked on these blocks before me, added lots of the little leaves, so I followed suit!

Detail of Ritva's Block
The center of the block is filled with autumn flora. When I work on a block like this, I realize what a linear thinker I can be. My tendency is to want to do all the seams with an embellishment in each patch. Working on round robin blocks has been teaching me to think beyond the seam, to not be afraid to cross borders. On this block the placements of seam treatments helps to frame the motifs and it ends up being a more interesting block because of it.


Anonymous said…
These colors would be more than a challenge for me but you would never know they were for you. Beautiful!! Mary
Laurie said…
I too love to cross over seem lines, it adds such interest to the blocks. This is a beautiful job, Ritva is going to love it! I sure do!
Wendy said…
Absolutely stunning!
LLOR said…
les couleurs sont superbes !!!
J'aime beaucoup venir vous voir sur votre blog...
Anonymous said…
I absolutely adore your wonderful embroideries, and I do get so much inspirations from your fantastic blog. What kind of stitch is it in the lower left section under the sun flower. It is such a cute little stitch.
I also enjoyed very much to see your sewing space.
Dorte Kreiberg
Grace said…
Hola, cómo estás ? espero que muy bien. Lamento no escribir muy bien en inglés ya que un día encontré tu blog y lo miro de vez en cuando. Me encanta. Es precioso. Tus manos hacen maravillas que podemos disfrutar por este medio.
Yo recién estoy armando mi blog.
Nuevamente felicitaciones !!
Un abrazo desde Mendoza, Argentina
janita mantel said…
so beautiful, make my happy
Ritva said…
I love the block!
Thank you so much!


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