January To-Do List

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Thank you so very much for all the comments and concerns! They were deeply appreciated!

Each January, I like to take some time to think about what I want to accomplish in the coming year. Not quite resolutions, the list is more of a guideline for the year. It includes projects I want to complete as well as trips to take, purchases to make and other pragmatic items such as routine car maintenance along with a couple of loftier, less concrete goals I'd like to work towards. Throughout the year I refer to the list to help keep me on track. This year it should be possible to accomplish everything on my list, IF I can stay focused! But I need to keep from getting sidetracked. For some reason, it always seems easier to begin a project than to finish one!

2011 Projects

Here's are a few of my projects for 2011
* Finish the Cream/White Crazy Quilt
* Trees/Bluebirds lap quilt (I've been gathering supplies and cutting pieces!)
* Get completed pieces framed (there are 5 that need done)
*Finish knitting/blocking 2 shawls that are well under way:
- white mohair
- green kid-lin (not shown)
* Finish knitting the Basket-weave lap afghan
* Complete the Autumn DYB CQI Round Robin
* Complete the For the Birds DYB CQI Round Robin
* Several other stitching projects!
I think that gives me quite a lot to work towards for the time being!

Cleaning up
The mess from the frozen/burst pipe is gradually getting cleaned up. Tomorrow, the carpet layers come to put new pad down and relay the carpet in the study. On the patio, I've been able to create some order out of the chaos. Patches of ice remain where boxes were frozen to the ground, but at least now I can look out my windows without seeing a jumbled heap of stuff!
Inside, Mollie Kitty and I are enjoying all the blooming bulbs and flowers! She sits next to them much of the day and when she thinks I'm not looking, I catch her with her nose among the leaves. I think she enjoys them just as much as I do!


Leeanne said…
It seems to be the year for lists and getting stuff finished...I love visiting your blog, so delicious.
Gerry Krueger said…
Boy do I ever know about getting sidetracked. I can hardly go from the kitchen the living room without getting sidetracked,,, So glad you are getting all your water mess cleaned up... Good luck with 2011 and just keep stitchin' Gerry K.

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