Serenity Amidst the Chaos

Busted Pipe River, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Temperatures of -19F (or lower) on New Year's Eve
Frozen pipes
No running water for 3 days
Burst pipes
A wintry river, created by burst pipes.
One storage shed completely soaked and frozen solid
One room, the study, soaked halfway across the floor
A chaotic morning spent moving hundreds of books, desk, bookshelves, art supply dresser to any open dry spot available elsewhere in the apartment.
Patio covered in damaged, wet, frozen possessions from the storage shed... now frozen solid to the patio in a thick glaze of ice!

Study in White
Restored running water
Carpet fluttering across the floor while fans dry it, the floor below and the damp walls
A co-worker who switched shifts with me so I don’t have to miss work while dealing with the chaos
A day to spend rearranging furnishings and belongings in order to function without stress until all is repaired.

Serenity amongst the Chaos
One spot of serenity
The top of the china cabinet
White with a little green


Marty52 said…
What a nightmare, Lisa!! Sounds like you have come through it pretty well, though. At least I hope so! Did you lose anything precious? I'm glad you were able to find some serenity after all that.
Leslie said…
Wow... I would be hard pressed to find something good in that disaster! But your china cupboard decorations are lovely, my favorite color combo.
I lived thru an apartment fire and cleaning up after flood or fire is just awful. Good luck as you wade thru it all.
Gerry Krueger said…
Boy can I sympathize with you... if you go back through my blog there's several frozen pipe happenings... Between the pumphouse and house -no mess but no water for days, on the main floor it just goes into the cellar but when it's the upstairs bathroom it comes through the ceiling and ruins everything.... Good Luck.... Thanks for input on blog... decided to follow all my initial instincts... Gerry K.
John'aLee said…
Oh dearie! That is horrible. Hang in there. I hope your possessions aren't too damaged. Keep the faith. I love your post the way you make it sound all okay!!
A big hug to you!
Bonnie said…
THAT is so very lovely with the snow
coming down on each photo. Hope all is getting dry and nothing was lost.
Wow! I have just posted about my summer garden and then I take a look at what is going on in your part of the world. The exact opposite. I hope things have started improving for you by now?
Anonymous said…
Oh I'm so sorry. I couldn't believe this when I opened your BLOG tonight. I can't help thinking how could this have happened. I'm just so sorry we are not all there to help you. Mary've had your hands full. I'm glad you were able to salvage your place/things though. And I love your gratitude list...puts things in perspective. Hang in there (and pray for spring!).
Cathy said…
OMG. Life isn’t fair, is it? You’ve had to deal with a fire tragedy, and now this burst pipe and flood. Both extremes. Thank goodness you are safe, and more amazingly, SANE. Serene? I don’t know how you do it, but you are amazing! I’ve been through two basement floods in this house (and all faulty appliances and drains have been replaced so it will hopefully never happen again. But... ) Industrial fans ... no serenity in their decibel level, LOL. Good luck and warm, dry wishes are coming your way! Hugs, Cathy
Rachel said…
I'm sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time. I know it will be a while before any semblance of normality returns, but I am so impressed that you have some element of serenity to contemplate somewhere!
Phyllis said…
Your little spot of serenity is gorgeous!

I had that happen to me in my previous house, but it wasn't due to freezing pipes. The water heater burst while I was at work and flooded almost the entire house. It took several days for those monster fans to dry the carpet.

What a mess!
Sherry said…
Dear Lisa! I knocked over a large glass of orange juice and ice this morning, flinging the sticky stuff down cabinet doors and all over the floor of my small kitchen. You have handled your catastrophe much better than I handled that little mishap! I applaud your grace and calm. After reading your post, my gratitude list for tonight will be longer than it might have been before. Blessings.

Sherry in Little Rock
Laurie said…
Lisa! I admire the way you're handling the situation, your serenity picture is beautiful.
FredaB said…
Dear Lisa

I am so sorry for you having to go through such a mess.

Life sometimes throws these punches at us but you sound like you are taking it in stride.

Hope nothing too special was lost.



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