Another Year Older!

Hyacinths in January, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Are you familiar with this old proverb?

If you have only two coins,
use one to buy a loaf of bread to nourish the body,
with the other, a hyacinth to nourish the soul.

Oh, how I agree with it! I'm loving these sweetly scented, delicate blooms on my windowsill right now! I love that they bloomed just in time for my birthday!


Tatkis said…
Happy birthday, Lisa!
You are such a talented person, I'm glad I've discovered your blog :)
And hyacinths are so fresh and beautiful!
Wish you luck and a lot of new inspirations this year!

Best wishes,
Julia S-ka said…
Happy birthday! I wish you much of inspiration, wish you all your dreams come true!
I'm glad to read&watch your blog - it's beautiful and fascinating)

Best wishes,
Happy birthday, Lisa! I also love hyacinths... they were the first flowers my husband gave to me.
Marty52 said…
Such a delicate blue! Happy Birthday!
Lovely flowers, just in time for a birthday celebration. Happy day!
Happy Big Beautiful Birthday!!!!! I hope this year is full of wonder and delight and all good things including basket loads of beautiful stitching. You deserve it!
Cathy K said…
Happy, Happy Birthday, Lisa!! Hugs, Cathy
Linda H said…
Happy Happy Birthday!
Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself (hi, i'm trinity) just found your blog by clicking "next blog" and I'm so glad I did! Your blog is beautiful.I'm your newest follower!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! I love your beautiful blog, and thanks for reminding me about my last years bulbs that should be coming up shortly in their pots .. if I remember to water them! LOL

Best wishes from cold and snowy north-eastern Ontario, Canada ... Julie Andrea
Ati. said…
Happy birthday Lisa! And many happy returns.
How lucky you are that you have blooming hyacints. They smell so nice :)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Lisa!!!! Mary
La MaƱosa said…
This is a bit belated but happy birthday to you!

I hadn't heard that saying before but I like that it includes both kinds of nourishment, for the body and the soul.

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