January Posies & Rearranging

January Posies, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The daffodils my sister sent me for Christmas are blooming! So pretty! I love the frilly ruffled yellow trumpets on these!

White Primroses
Also blooming beautifully are the white primroses!

Paperwhite Shoots
The second batch of paperwhites is coming along nicely too! Those green shoots bring so much hope!

Thomas wondering...
Poor Thomas is feeling a little overwhelmed with the mess and not at all impressed with the flowers at the moment! I must admit that I can understand it! It's been like living in a rummage sale for the past week.

Study in transition
The mess has inspired some rearranging! The carpet is finally back where it should be and I've been moving my study around. Since I've lived here, the desk has been in front of the window, which I have loved... but it has also inspired a lot of day dreaming and in the winter it is so chilly! So I'm moving the desk to the wall and am looking forward to having space to hang some of my art and handwork where I'll be able to see and enjoy it and hopefully derive inspiration from it. I'll post more pics once it's all together. Changes are happening in the living room as well and I've created a nice little stitching corner that I can't wait to show you ~ after I've neatened it up a bit!

Bead Mix Tins
Even the little things have been getting some attention. I like to keep bead mixes in these old Altoid tins, but they were always sliding around and I could never remember which color was in which. Then I had the bright idea of storing them on edge (they fit perfectly in the tray!) and labeling them. It's not perfect yet, but it works for me and is easy to grab a tin or two when I want to work on a project! Eventually, I'd like to paint each lid to match the color of the bead mix inside.

For now, I need to get back to putting things in order! I just love freshening things up now and then!


Well - all I can say is 'duh'!! I have muttered for years about my bead storage system because I end up having to haul the metal boxes I use out to see the labels on the TOP of each. Why didn't I ever think to put labels on the ENDS where I could actually see them at a glance?? Yep, never did say I was overly bright!! (Thank you - I will be relabeling my boxes tomorrow!!)
Miranda said…
Thanks for bringing some springtime here in rainy Holland! Just love the smell off the daffodils, especially the paperwhites.
Tatkis said…
Lovely flowers, thank you very much for sharing! Thomas is so cute :)
And good luck in sorting and renovating!

Best wishes,
Anonymous said…
I've been gone north for several days and was happy to see you are surviving the water interruption as well as you are. I thought about you so often during the days driving up and back. I sure look forward to all you will be doing to freshen things up. Just the white flowers are a real treat to see:) Take care and thank you for taking time to keep us informed on your progress. Mary
These daffodils are a tonic to look at. Thanks. I love snow and we have lots of it in Connecticut but I'm kinda hankering for flowers now...:-
Best wishes, Linda
hpk said…
I can't wait to see your new arrangement! It makes me want to rearrange some furniture at my place! Your sis.

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