Pansy Blocks are Home!

Pansy Blocks home!, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

One of the things I love about round robins is that you make these blocks up and send them off. Then, one day, months later, you receive a package in the mail and the blocks return, beautifully embroidered and embellished! It's such fun to see what other's do with what was sent out!

Pansy Bell Pull plan
These blocks will make a lovely springy bell pull! I'm still playing with the order, but hope to get this put together in the next couple of weeks!

Still a Mess
Around the apartment, things are still chaotic. Stacks of books still piled everywhere! Furniture and lamps all over. But it's coming together. I'm liking the rearrangement of the living room. It feels so big and open and without furniture cutting across the middle of the room, surprisingly lighter and brighter!

In scale to disasters and flooding happening in other parts of the world, my little flood was a mere inconvenience. My heart goes out to all those dealing with the enormous loss of property and life.


Hello Lisa, your pansy blocks are truly beautiful. I really liked the crochet flowers. The colors are very bright and Springy. It will make a lovely Bell Pull. Hugs Judy
Anonymous said…
Ahhh, you have such a lovely light home. No wonder your work is so lovely with such beautiful views through your windows. Looks like it will come together beautifully. Suzie in Idaho
Raphaela said…
Beautifukl pansie blocks. I love pansies!
hpk said…
Your new arrangement looks awesome! It will be so open once the books et al. are out.

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