Play Date with the Camera

Columbine, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.
John Ruskin

I had a bit of unexpected free time Monday afternoon so I took the camera and headed for the garden center. It's always a lift to the spirits to spend time among the flowers and plants there. It's also a lovely place to play with the camera and learn a bit more about how to use it.

Budding Primrose
A budding ivory primrose.

Sunshine and shadow pansies
These cheerful pansies make me think of warm sunshine and shadows.

Pink Iceland Poppy
Iceland poppies look like they are made of tissue paper ~ so delicate and ever so slightly rumpled! They carry a bounty of pollen for the bees that were visiting as well!

Ranunculus and Green Fly
I love the rich blossoms of Rannunculus. This little green fly seemed to be quite happy with his lovely perch.

A trip to the garden center was just what I needed. It made spring real and calmed my spirits which have been a bit ruffled of late.


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