CQ Bits and Pieces

CQ bits and pieces
I carry a bag of "bits and pieces" to work on when I have a few spare minutes here and there. It goes with to work, to the store, just about anywhere I go. I don't usually keep any of the "big" projects with me as I don't want to to risk losing or damaging them.

Soft Green and White
This soft green and white piece orginally started off as a base to make inchies out of, but I'm liking it so well, that I think I'll make something different out of it. Right now I'm imagining a little pouch or possibly turning it into the lids for some little tins.

This lovely bit will shortly be turned into a needle book. There are still a few beads to be added before it gets finished.

Blue flowers and Lace
At home, I've been working on a "Do Your Block" round robin. This block belongs to Meg in NJ and I'm getting close to finishing it up. Here is a glimpse of some of the work I've done on it. The lace is from France. The gold braid is being used to create a paisley design filled with embroidery and beads.

White Roses
The spider roses (so called because of the "web" they are woven on) are quickly becoming a favorite motif of mine! This one has a pearl at its center.


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