A Photography Journey

Antelope Canyon 1, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

In a search for photo opportunities, my sons and I traveled across the Navajo Reservation to Page, Arizona and toured a slot cave known as Antelope Canyon. With 7 other people, we boarded a modified pick-up truck/tour bus. Our Navajo guide took drove us to the site a couple of miles up a dry sandy riverbed to the mouth of the canyon. From there, she led us on foot into the narrow opening, stopping here and there to show us features of the canyon and point out interesting photo spots. The Upper Antelope Canyon that we toured is 1/4 mile long with a soft sandy floor. Here and there the light filters down from narrow cracks far above, lighting up the rock walls and showing off the undulating forms of the canyon walls.

Antelope Canyon 2

On the way back, we had time to stop and take our time with photographs. A tripod helped hold the camera still enough for the long exposures that gathered the light and showed off the warm colors of the walls. The view overhead was of a changing rainbow of warm color with flashes of sunlight along the rim. It was an ethereal and stunning experience that I will long remember! This tiny, almost hidden canyon is truly one of the wonders of the world.

Antelope Canyon 3


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