Dotee Dolls and More!

Garden Angel Dotee, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
I've recently been involved in more Dotee doll swaps. This one is a Garden Angel. She came out to be a "Rose Garden" garden angel I think! Can you tell what I've been dreaming of?!!!

Easter Egg Dotee
This Dotee was for an "Easter Egg Dotee" swap. More flowers!

Pegs block detail
My schedule this past week (and for the coming couple of weeks) has been a bit crazy, but I've managed to send out two of the crazy quilt blocks I was working on. Here is the finished "Under the Sea" block for Peg. The addition of the coral fan helped balance the block nicely!

Megs block
I also sent out Meg's block. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't added the white lace. Even with the embroidery over it, it dominates the block and detracts from the rest of it. There are 5 other blocks for others to work on. By the time they are all done and all the blocks are put together, hopefully the lace will not overwhelm it so much. I've definitely learned a lesson by working on this block ~ next time, I'll pin the lace on and observe the block for a few days before I sew it down.

Ivy with droplets
Also in this past week, my new camera arrived! After much research and trying out different cameras in the stores, I ordered a Canon XSi/450d. It's a bit lighter in weight than the Nikon and Sony equivalents and fit more comfortably in my hands. Since this is my first SLR camera, I wasn't tied to lenses of a particular brand. So now, in my spare moments, I've been playing with it! I've barely progressed off of the very basic settings and so far am thrilled with the results!


Lori said…
Hi, I was looking up dotee dolls and came across your blog. You have lovely dotee dolls. I can see why a commenter asked if you sell them.

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