The Hunt for Spring

Hyacinth, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The calendar says it is spring. Somehow, it still seems a ways off. I went looking around my apartment for signs of it today. What captured my attention was the play of light across the houseplants in the window. The last of the forced hyacinths are blooming right now. Pristine white with a more delicate scent than most hyacinths ~ just perfect for inside! I love their waxy blooms.

Play of light
The wandering jew plant with it's silvery and green stripes glitters in the sun. From across the room, the brilliant fuschia undersides of the leaf glow in the light, but from the front, this bright color is nearly invisible.

Oxalis in bloom
Even the oxalis/shamrock blooms are reaching for the light.

True relaxation
Sir Thomas searches out a spot in the sun as well ~ total relaxation! I've been known to join him from time to time!

African Violet buds
Tucked away in a slightly shadier spot, the miniature African violet sends up new buds. The way the light glistens on the fuzzy stems and leaves delights me. And I love the way the camera can take what is barely noticable to the naked eye and make it glorious!

Outside, the tiny daffodils are blooming beautifully! Each blossom more perfect than the next. Bright bits of sunshine in the landscape that bring joy. Maybe spring really is here after all!


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