Bunny Fabric!

Japanese fabrics 04Mar09
As you may have noticed, I have a soft spot for bunnies! They are scattered around my home in many forms. Beatrix Potter books, white rabbit figures, stuffed bunnies, bunny buttons and even bunny fabric. Today, I received a small order of Japanese bunny fabrics (and a sweet one with lambs and hedgehogs!) and it got me thinking that I had more Japanese bunny fabric tucked away in my sock drawer!

Green bunny fabric
This sweet fabric is really a Furoshiki, a cloth used for wrapping things up in, such as ones clean laundry, shopping, a picnic lunch, or one's school books. The Japanese Ministry of the Environment has a fascinating guide to using Furoshiki as a means of eliminating paper waste!
My furoshiki is made of rayon and when it gets the slightest bit damp, it scrunches up like mad, so I decided to use in to line my sock drawer so that daily I would get to enjoy seeing a glimpse of it!
Japanese bunny fabrics
The pink bunny fabric is also a type of furoshiki although it is long and narrow rather than square like the green one. It makes me smile because about one out of every 8 bunnies or so on this has red eyes. I hated to cut it up, so this piece lines my undies drawer! I hope to use the chocolate brown bunny fabric to line a purse I'm making. Time will tell what the other two new fabrics will be used for!

P.S. For those of you who have asked about Eucalan, their website has a store locator. I've gotten mine through a knitting/weaving shop. I use the unscented variety.


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