Cozy Mollie

Cozy Mollie, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

When I take pictures of my handwork, I lay it out on a piece of foam core covered with a piece of natural linen. Then I can move it to wherever the light is best. This morning as I was attempting a picture, Miss Mollie climbed up on the chair under the board and proceeded to pull the linen off until it was wrapped around her and the piece of foam core had been knocked to the ground. . There she sits, quite happily, purring away, all snug and wrapped up in the linen!

I must say that the pictures of her came out much better than the piece of crazy quilting I was attempting to photograph! I'll wait until later in the day when the light is better and try again for a good picture of the CQ! In the meantime, Miss Mollie makes me smile and I thought she might give a lift to your day as well!

Blessings dear readers!


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