Getting Organized

Mess of Silk Ribbon, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

I've been struggling with how to keep all of my silk ribbon embroidery supplies organized. Until now, they've been sorted by color groups into craft/photo boxes. Getting a color of ribbon out meant digging through a tangled mess of various bags, cards and masses of ribbon. I've been searching for a way to store them neatly in a way that I could easily see the color I needed, wouldn't leave sharp creases in the ribbon that would require ironing each time I needed a piece and didn't take a lot of space, and didn't dangle where the cats would be overly enticed by them.

Bobbins & Felt
It occured to me that what I really needed was to wrap them on something padded similar to my other embroidery threads. The solution ended up being quite simple. Plastic bobbins for embroidery thread wrapped with a piece of felt to pad it and round the edges to prevent sharp creases.

Felt Covered Bobbins
A bit of thread and a few whip stitches holds the felt in place nicely. I considered glueing the felt on, but that would have been messy and the felt would have lost some of it's padding ability.

Silk Ribbon Organized
The silk ribbon winds onto the bobbins nicely and stays neat. Now it's easy to see the colors I have and easy to keep it organized! And the bonus is that it takes up much less space! It all fit in two of these organizers vs the 6 craft/photo boxes I had before!

Now if only I could find a way to store my beads as neatly...

A while back, I was introduced to the world of "Wee Folk" by this post on Susan's blog, Plays with Needles. Oh how I wish I could take Salley Mavor's workshop that will be held at the John C. Campbell Folk School! (in fact there are SO many classes that I'd love to take there, that I'm sure I could take up full time residence there!) Since I'm unable to, I think that this book, "Felt Wee Folk" by Salley Mavor will be just the thing! The directions are marvelous and there are some sweet other little projects as well such as felt purses, wallets and pins ~ all just darling!
Felt Wee Folk

Aren't these little dolls made of felt, pipe cleaners and silk flowers some of the most enchanting tiny things you've ever seen? I can hardly wait to try my hand at a few of these!


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