Summer Projects

Bunny Daisies , originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
One of my projects for this summer is to "whiten up" some of my decor items. I love bunnies as you may have noticed and this pair have been one of my favorite things. They used to be brown with black "aging", but I haven't always been fond of the color. So earlier this week, I got out the paints and turned them white. I think they need just a bit more "aging" so one of these days, I'll use a soft brown or darker cream glaze on them just to pick up a hint of texture. As they are, I thought they looked splendid and summery with this pitcher of daisies that has been gracing the top of the china cabinet this week. Such cheerful flowers!
Christmas Crazy Quilt blocks
Working on my cream crazy quilt got me intereted in doing more, so recently I joined the Crazy Quilting International group on Yahoo. I'm starting my first round robin with them this week and we could choose any theme we like. I played with lots of ideas but finally settled on a green and cream/white Christmas themed block. The central block above will be embroidered and embelleshed by 4 other members of the group including two here in the states, one in Nova Scotia and one in Cornwall! It will be a well-traveled block by the time it comes back to me at the end of November! I'll complete the two smaller blocks and once they are all complete, I'll make a wall hanging to go with my Christmas decor!
Crazy Quilt booklet
We were asked to include a small booklet that offered guidelines and gives each of the others a spot to write about their work on the block. I included a few pictures of my Christmas decor along with my guidelines! I'm hoping I wasn't overly specific about what I want! Janet's Block As received
Now I just need to finish my cream block so I can get started on these Christmas ones! And I have already recieved the first block I am to work on from Janet! She also choose a Christmasy theme. Love those cardinals! Can't wait to get started!


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