Progress on the Crazy Quilt

CQ cream block

I've been working on my crazy quilt block. It is quiet and soothing work.

CQ Queen Annes lace

This bit of embroidered "Queen Anne's Lace" was inspired by a sketch I found in an old Victorian era book on embroidery. The embroidered stems are cotton embroidery floss while the blossoms and leaves are done in silk ribbon embroidery.

CQ rose trellis

This rose trellis was inspired by many that I have seen on blocks worked by members of Crazy Quilting International, and also the blog of Jo in New Zealand who also provided a great tutorial for how to do the "Fargo Roses" in silk ribbon embroidery. Mine are not nearly as neat as hers, but I like the effect. The trellis is embroidered in pearl cotton, the stems and leaves in cotton embroidery floss. I also added a few beads to accent the adjacent lace. I didn't want to add too much to it as I want the pattern of the lace to be the primary element.

Now there is only one large area left to fill and several smaller areas. Time to go peruse my old books for ideas!


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