Sea Longings

Summer vignette, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Each summer, I find myself longing for the sea. Hours are spent daydreaming of walks on the beach in a white cotton dress, gathering shells in my basket, dancing with the waves.
Summer vignette 03
Yesterday, I gathered some frosted aqua glass bottles, a few shells and my little mermaid and arranged them in a vignette, an ode to my sea longings.
Imagine with me a moment, my dreams of waking on the shore.

The aqua sea under a pale sky streaked with apricot and lavender. Blush pink roses along a white fence around a tiny lavender gray cottage. Pinky beige sand sprinkled with dusky purple shells.

Crashing tumble of water and gentle ripples. Glittering sound of tiny stones and shells as they roll in the water. The keening cry of a gull and the pipping sounds of wading plovers. A symphony of sound and yet the quiet of it.

Feel of warm moist air on the skin, caressing, soothing, wrapping in softness. Downy breaths of cool air.

Take time this summer to enjoy your dreams!


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