A Day of Stitching

CQ Pincushion detail, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Despite the fact that I work tonight, I woke early this morning at sunrise. An idea for a crazy quilt pincushion has been brewing in my mind ever since I saw the gorgeous one that Jo made. She was inspired by Barbara, and I have to admit that I have fallen in love with Barbara's gorgeous work. She chooses colors that I love! So I gathered some fabrics, embroidery thread, silk ribbons and beads and set to work.
CQ Pincushion nkd
By 9 a.m., this "naked" block (before any embellishment is added) was complete. I love the combination of the rich greens, black and white. The round bit of lace is from an old doily that had come apart in the wash some time ago that I couldn't bear to throw away. What fun to be able to use a bit of it here!
CQ Pincushion up close
A close view of the stitching. Each seam is stitched and some of them layered with beads and a bit of silk ribbon embroidery (SRE).
CQ Pincushion embellished
This whole block will become a large round pincusion and will sit on the table next to my chair where I sit and work in living room. Now, hopefully, the arms of my chair will remain needle and pin free and I'll have enough space to put all the needles I use when working on a project!

The monsoon season is going gung ho here in Flagstaff. The landscape is beautifully green. We've had tremendous thunderstorms every afternoon for the past few weeks, but then in the evening the sky clears and warm evening light pours over the hillside.
Evening Light 2
I love this light and the way it skips across the tops of the grasses.
Evening light 1
I love the way it makes the landscape glow and turns an ordinary bit of forest into an enchanted land!

Blessings my friends!


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