Crazy Quilt Progress

One of the things that I'm not fond of with working nights, is that it isn't always easy to make the switch to days on my days off. That means I'm awake all night and sleep the day away. Sometimes it makes it hard to do things or get motivated. But being home bound does mean I have time to work on my various handwork projects. Over the last couple nights off, I've done more work on my cream crazy quilt block.
Button Flowers
I'm really happy with the button flowers! The embroidery is done in DMC rayon embroidery floss. It isn't my favorite stuff to work with, but I love the shimmery effect it gives! The little bird is carved bone, made nearby on the Navaho reservation from what I was told at the bead shop.
Button detail
I added another mother of pearl button in the upper right corner along with some Cretan Stitch leaves. Unfortunately, when I removed the embroidery hoop, the fabric puckered. I may rip these leaves out and try something different here.
Beading and embroidery
In the lower left corner, I added work to two patches. Some old pearls and beaded flowers were added to fill in the background of the block with the tatted motif. Then I embroidered some buttonhold stitch hollyhocks on the adjacent block. Unfortunately, the pearl cotton used for the stems and leaves blends into the background fabric more than I thought it would. I'll probably add some lighter thread to highlight them more.

Over all, I'm pretty happy with the way this is coming! Only three more patches to do work in and then it's on to another block! I hope to eventually make 4 of these and put them together as an elegant wall hanging!

sneak peek of Janet's Block
I've also been working on the block for the FFT #3 (Fabulous First Timers) Round Robin that Janet sent. Above is sneak peek! I'll wait to post a full picture until my portion of the work is complete! Working with fabrics, colors and a theme chosen by someone else is a challenge, but also inpsiring! It would be easy to complete this entire block but there are three other people that still need to work on it! I hope that I'm getting this block off to a good start for everyone elses work to come and that Janet likes what I'm doing on her block!


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