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I love old books! Among my treasures are three volumes of Godey's Lady's book. Each one contains six months of the magazine. My volumes date to 1863, 1866 and 1869. They show the evidence of years and much use. The bindings are battered and worn and one volume has been rather inexpertly repaired by someone with brilliant red bookbinding tape.
Old Pages
I even find the appearance of the loose pages charming, though they are most likely due to the fact that someone robbed these books of their color plates many years ago. But the melodramatic stories and sentimental poetry are intact as well as the many black and white illustrations of fashion, handwork designs and story illustrations. When I'm looking for inspiration for a handwork project or thinking about sewing a historical costume, I often turn to these pages.
Nina Headdress
I love the illustrations of fancy hairdos! So lovely and elegant!
Fancy alphabet
It's the embroidery designs that I love most. Like this exquisite floral alphabet from the 1863 volume.
Embroidery pattern
This pattern for an embroidered name makes me wish my name was Rose so I could embroider it on my pillowcases! Maybe instead, I'll embroider it and incorporate it into a crazy quilt square!


Unknown said…
Those Letters are so pretty. Is there anyway I can like get a picture of the alphabet to draw my friends name? She likes flowers and that's perfect!

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