Independence Day!


Happy 232nd Birthday to our nation! I'll be celebrating at work, caring for the newest citizens born to our great country. What a hopeful thing that is!

My Country Tis of Thee
It is my hope and prayer that freedom will continue to ring loud and clear across this land of sweet liberty, that these babes will continue to have deep pride in our country when they are old and that it continues on to future generations.
The 4th of July is especially poignant for me this year as my son the Marine prepares to leave for Iraq in just a few short days, fighting for the freedom of another people, half a world away. So many people of our world don't know the freedom that we in this country have known, that we so often take for granted.
So, on this special day, celebrate and remember the great privilege of being born an American!
When the food of summer celebrations is on the table, remember that we have been abundantly blest to live in a country of plenty.
When enjoying the company of family and friends, amidst the laughter and conversation, take time to remember those that are serving on the far side of the world. Remember the families who have lost loved ones so that others, including ourselves can know freedom.
When the fireworks light the sky, remember those years of revolution and of civil war that made our country the free country it is today, with rights and privileges for all citizens.
Happy Birthday United States!
Let Freedom Ring!


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