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Each day I wake, filled with hopes and dreams. My mother used to tell me that I lived with my head in the clouds, and it is true. I've always dreamt of the idyllic life, often wishing that I could have lived in the time of Anne of Green Gables, Laura Ingals Wilder or amongst the animals of Beatrix Potter's world. It's easy to fall into the trap that things were better in 'those days'.

In recent years, I'd like to think that I've at least learned to keep my feet on the ground! For me, that means dreaming and creating as idyllic a life where I am, regardless of where that may be. So today, while I dream of lush gardens, I decided to spend the day doing a little upkeep on my houseplants. The cutting of wandering jew that grew from a small clipping has grown lovely and lush. I love the suprise of purple on the underside of the silver and green leaves.

White perlargonium

On my recent trip to Colorado, I found a pure white geranium (pelargonium) that I carried back to Arizona. It has grown large and bushy and filled with beautiful pristine blooms. Today I put it in one of my treasured white pots. So pretty!

African Violet

A miniature African violet that I've now had for a few years, rewards me with nearly continuous bloom. I love it's tiny buds rising above perfectly scalloped leaves. Every now and then, it needs a severe pruning and repotting and it's babies removed to other pots. Today, it required very little, just a removal of old blooms and a little water.

The tall geranium that has been growing up through my lamp received an enormous pruning. It had gotten so leggy and was nearly 4 feet tall. I've removed it to a different area and am thinking about potting it to a larger pot and training it as a standard since it likes to grow so tall.

White Pots

How nice after spending a pleasant hour with my plants to spend time rearranging them on the living room shelf and watching the late afternoon light play across the leaves!


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