Lush Pink Roses, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Every so often, a change of scenery and companionship can do wonders when it comes to recharging ones self. It is renewing and refreshing. I was blessed to have such an interlude this past week!
Pale pink Roses
There is a group of friends who came to know each other many years ago through the internet chat room of the old Victoria Magazine. Somewhere along the way, we began to call ourselves the Posies. Every couple of years we try to meet. This year the location was Michigan at the home of one of the Posies. We spent nearly 5 blissful days chatting, laughing, touring gardens, antiquing, shopping, eating, boating and playing tourist.
New Dawn Roses at the Lake
Our hostess has the most glorious flower gardens around her house! So in addition to much time spent with friends, I also spent many happy quiet moments with the camera, capturing the beautiful blossoms.
Soft Pink Rose
Each blossom, so perfect in its uniqueness, fresh with the lingering drops of rain fills my heart with joy. How lovely to have been renewed, not only by the love and care of precious friends, but also the exquisite beauty of such blooms!


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