Woven Cloth Day 4

Woven Cloth Day 4, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
Stitching the lower right corner was the focus of today's work on the Woven Cloth. I am intrigued by the process of figuring how and what to stitch on this cloth. While my tendency is to want to stitch the edges and then place a motif in the center, I'm working on crossing boundaries, trying to make the work flow across the block, regardless of the edges. At the same time, I'm trying to ensure that the edges are all stitched down in one manner or another and that the backgrounds are well filled with stitching.

Woven Cloth - Lower Right
In this corner, I've added three more hearts. The lowest one is subtle, woven of the same pearl cotton that the background stitching is done with. I like the way the chain stitched heart almost appears to sit above the items around it. The blue silk heart was created by padding with a felt heart and then dimpling it with teeny tiny quilting stitches.

Woven Cloth - Hearts and Leaves
I loved creating the vining leaves around the blue silk heart. Though they are stitched primarily to secure the edges, their curving nature makes them feel more like they cross boundaries and allows them to provide some background stitching. I tried two other hearts before ending up with the chain stitched heart. First I tried a padded fly stitch and then a satin stitch heart. Somehow, neither of them looked quite right, so I ripped them out. I'm much happier with this simple heart that seems to float above the layers of cloth.


Laurie said…
This is turning out so beautiful. Your work always amazes me, I look forward to your new pictures.
Anonymous said…
So peaceful and nice. I love the birdie and its nest. Happy Mother's Day Lisa, Mary
Judy S. said…
What a lovely piece with beautiful stitching, Lisa. I always enjoy your travel pictures and of course, your felines.
FredaB said…
I like the way you did the hearts. Especially the blue one. Very clever. You are going great guns on this and it looks like a fun project that you can just enjoy.


Patty said…
oh my...you've created a secret
garden to rest in...lovely!

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