Stitching Swatches

Swatch 01, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

There are so many ideas floating around in my mind of things I want to stitch. Trying each one out in a large piece takes too long, so I've decided to try stitching some smaller swatches of things, only 4 x 4 inches.

Swatch 01 materials
For this piece, inspired by photos of apple blossoms against a pale sky, I've done a small swatch of quilt weaving with silk and linen and overlaid it with small bits of dyed silk gauze. I only had the gauze in shades of blue or green, so using a scrap of nearly white blue dyed gauze, I made some pink scraps using alcohol inks.

Swatch 01 stitching
Using old silk sewing threads and size 12 pearl cotton, the swatch was stitched. Here, I've overlaid some grey silk thread to mimic branches while I try to decide what to try. Next up is to add some white blossoms and possibly some branches.


Laurie said…
I really love when you do these, do you stitch the pieces down beforehand or just let the embroidery tack it in place?
Ati. said…
wow, you travel in a whole new direction with your fabric art but I like it very much!
Rachel said…
This is really intriguing - looking forward to seeing it develop.
Rosali said…
Bravo I think you do it very nice. Bravo Yo creo que usted lo hace muy bonito.
Anonymous said…
Nice, really, really nice. I love that bit of green. Perfect color with the hint of pink. It's great. Mary
Linda Ruthie said…
I have been admiring your embroidery work for quite some time on FlickR and I was thrilled to find your blog. I think some of my blogger friends would love to see the beautiful art you create so I am awarding you the 'Trendy Blogger Award'. Please check out my blog post to see what it's all about.
A Vintage Chic said…
So glad to find your beautiful blog today! I've always wanted to start a crazy quilt...and I think you may just be the one to inspire me to get going! Loved scrolling through your posts...

I'm a vintage-style cardmaker, and your squares make me think of things I could do to combine the being inspired...thanks so much!

Hope you're having a wonderful evening!

Anonymous said…
I like to go way back and see what I have missed. I just went to 2007 and realized I missed all the bird feeders you had outside your doorwall during the winter. Then I see your inspiration and how you use it in your work. Mary:)
I am enjoying your meandering me it's not much different from crazy quilting...just the placement of the scraps have changed and the "seam" treatments are anywhere.

Perhaps the art of CQ which boasts that it doesn't have rules...really does? Isn't what you are doing here still crazy quilting but it doesn't look like the traditional approach? looks like SO much fun!

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