Cathy's Block

Cathy's Encrusted blocks each include a "silkie" of a vintage Valentine card of her Mother's. For the embellishment, I stuck to the red and white theme with just a few pink flowers and beads added. This was a quick and easy block for me to embellish!

Cathys Encrusted Blocks
Since I was the last to work on Cathy's blocks, they now head home to her. She plans to put them together with others she is working on to make a bed runner! The blocks shown are by Gerry K, Rita, Wendy, Ritva and myself. The unfinished block is left for Cathy to complete.

Ritas Spring Blocks
I also thought you might like to see all of Rita's Spring Encrusted blocks together. The work is by: Gerry, Wendy, myself and Ritva.

Now that my work on this "Encrusted Round Robin" is complete (until I receive my blocks back), I'm going to focus on the Pansy Round Robin and on a couple of my own projects for a while!


Anonymous said…
I would never, ever have been able to come up with so many wonderful embelishments for the red/white block. I love the beginnings of the new blocks and look forward to its completion. Mary
Adrienne said…
Such a darling little red and white block. And I love the pastels of Spring on the others. Can't wait to see what you do with pansies!
Laurie said…
Beautiful! I love all especially the red and white block. The pansies are what I'm looking forward to now!
lemon said…
Dear Lisa
I have been wondering in your blog the last 2 days, going backwards for long...
I had no intension to make a comment but finally I thought I should tell you: you are such an artist, such a heavenly creator...
I wanted to tell you how much I admired your ability, both to imagine all these creations AND also to make them real.

I have an only sister and we are very close-like you and Holly. She is the "creative" one (with her hands). We both admire you and I took the chance to tell you so.
God Bless you, keep on like that, we will be following you and have joy in our hearts by your creations.
OMG!!!! This is my new favorite blog! I am crazy in love! The work you have done on here is to die for!!! I can't wait to explore through and see what al you have made:) This is incredible! Your new #1 fan! ~Shelley O.

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