A Week in Colorado

Apple Blossoms 1, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

I've been spending the week in Colorado with the folks. While there I've been working on several projects. One that is completed is the little apple blossom study. Originally, I'd planned for the right side of the piece to be the top, but as I finished it, I realized I like it rotated better.

Summer Knitting
One of my favorite stores here is Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins, a wonderful store focused on the fiber arts. I purchased some lovely cashmere/silk yarn to knit a lightweight shawl in the Storks Nest pattern. The yarn is lovely and soft, a beautiful aqua color and makes for the perfect summer knitting project!

Garden plan
Along the side of my parent's new yard is an area that my Mom wants to turn into a flower garden. We've been sketching out ideas for the layout and thinking about what kinds of plants to use!

Pearl St Mall
One morning, my daughter and I made a trip to Pearl Street Mall in Boulder where they were setting up tents for all the Memorial Day Weekend events, including the Morgul Bismark Road Race (Bicycles) and the Bolder Boulder Race (10k Marathon).

Pearl St Mall tulips
The tulips and pansies were in bloom in the planters along the Pearl Street Mall. So lovely!

vintage trim
An evening spent browsing an antique store with two of my kids resulted in finding a lovely assortment of vintage trims! Now to decide if I want to actually use them or if i should keep them as is and simply enjoy the vintage packaging and look of them!


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad I checked in just now. You always make my day and it was fun seeing the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. I haven't been there now for years and years and it looks the same:) I think your shawl will be wonderful and I sure love the apple blossoms. Mary
Judy Hartman said…
Sounds like a creative week and a wonderful visit! Your apple blossom study is exquisite!
hpk said…
Love the apple blossoms! When you get done with Mommy's garden, you con come sketch out a plan for mine!
Rachel said…
Sounds like a great visit. I think I would be inclined to keep the trims on their packaging. Maybe you could work out how they were done?
Sandies' Patch said…
You're having a wonderful time!
Love the tatting edging, maybe you can keep half as is and the other half you can use?
Sandie xx
Susan Elliott said…
I love posts like this. A little of this and a little of that. Love the color of your knitting project...and the apple blossom project is lovely. I like how the one pink blossom is hiding behind the white. And the tatting trims?
Well, they are a find, my dear. I save cool packaging like that to use in a journal one day.

Glad you're having fun!

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