Apple Blossoms and Pansies

Apple Blossoms, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
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Spring is slow to arrive on the hillside behind my apartment. It creeps along slowly, with lingering snows and freezing temperatures at night all the way through May. The grass greens slowly and the small oak trees wait until the last possible moment before unfurling their leaves. While there are many things I love about Flagstaff, at this time of year I am homesick for the springtime of my dreams. I dream of bright new green grass, dotted with clover and dandelions in bloom, waking to the robin's song and the lush bloom of white blossomed apple trees kissed with pale pink. The beautiful photos above are not mine, but are the wonderful work of photographers on Flickr. So lovely that I just had to share!

Pansy DYB Blocks
Pansies are the theme of the next round robin I am participating in. These blocks are pieced using scraps of silk. They are off to Wisconson, Australia, Iowa, California and Canada before returning home. I love how these round robins travel the world!


Anonymous said…
I love the pictures. Somehow I would have thought the little table and chair were yours:) I like the beginnings of these new round robbins. Will we get to see the end result? Mary
Maria cristina said…
i tuoi lavori sono molto particolari

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