Blue Dreams

Bluebird, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
I've lost track this past week of just what day of stitching I'm on with this piece. Some days pass with no stitching and others find just a tiny bit done, while others are spent stitching away or musing on what to do next. I've been mulling over a name for this piece and am undecided between two choices; Blue Dreams or Gentle Dreams.

Bunny 2
Another bunny was added, almost a secret bunny because it blends in such that one must look closely to find it.

Bunny 1
A field of flowers has grown up around the first bunny.

Blue Dreams
In the upper half of this piece, there is another heart, fountains of flowers and more stitching. I'm thinking there will be more bluebirds and vining leaves added. It's almost finished!


Laurie said…
This just keeps growing more and more amazing. I love Blue Dreams, it's beautiful.
Lesley said…
Why not 'Gentle Blue Dreams'. because it is. I absolutly love it, and I'm really going to attempt something similar. You've been an inspiration at a time when my 'mojo' seemed to have deserted me, so thank you. Blessings
Anonymous said…
I too like "gentle blue dreams" and I love the hidden bunny or secret bunny. This piece is so interesting and beautiful as it evolves. mary
Sandies' Patch said…
I favour, 'Gentle Deams' too!
It is blue,but gentle and very,very, beautiful!
You shoild be very proud and you have inspired me at least to have a go at the woven way!
Sandie xx
Judy S. said…
I absolutely LOVE this piece, Lisa. Beautiful stitching too!

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