Woven Cloth - Day 2

Woven Cloth - Hearts, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
It's been a long time since a project has captured my attention like this one! Little bits have been added and more will come. The velvet heart will get stitched down (and I hope the wrinkles can be preserved!). A stream of flowers will provide connection between different areas of the block.

Woven Cloth - beaded trail
Like so many other crazy quilters and fabric artists, I often pick up something when I see it, not because I know just where or how I will use it, but simply because it intrigues me. That was the case with the bead trim that now forms a trail across the lower left of this piece.

Woven Cloth - Nest
A tidbit of bronzy lace that came to me in a CQ "squishie" turned into a bird nest for one of the bone birds in my stash. Birds nests, like new babies, make me think of hope and new possibilities. There's just so much potential in them!

Woven Cloth day 2
Usually, I work on crazy quilting and embroidery while sitting in my big comfy chair, but this piece seems to require working at the table. It is also challenging me to think beyond the "patch", beyond the grid and to try new techniques like the stitched backgrounds.


Cathy said…
Oh, this is just a delightful idea, and I love your colors. I'm becoming a fan of blue, and your dainty touches are just so perfect. Can't wait to see more of this. Hugs, Cathy
Susan Elliott said…
You have a beautiful touch...There is such love in your work and I can feel it in your stitching.

I think you are well on your way to slow cloth...honoring the textiles and the hands that brought them to this place.

I too am inspired by Jude's work. And I often say to myself that I'd like to travel on a Jude journey with my fabrics and threads...and then some crazy idea captivates me instead.

I saw that she is having an online class starting June 15 -- it's right in the beginning of Summer for me. I'm thinking about taking it...for myself. I am interested in focusing...in slowing down...in the sharing with others who will be embarking on the same adventure...

Can't wait to see where you head next....xo
Laurie said…
This is going to be magnificent! Can't wait to see more as you go along, I've never seen this done before.
Raphaela said…
This is absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to see it finished. Obviously you did crochet the blue-white lace especially for this piece. When I see parts of crochet doilies or crochet lace used in crazy quilts I always ask myself whether these parts are simply cut.
Thanks for sharing your process in progress.
This is beautiful work and love watching it in progress.
Cat said…
Oh what a treasure this will be!
Linda Jo said…
Soooooooooo pretty!

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