On the Road Again!

On the Road to Tuba City, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The weather has been beautiful, perfect for a road trip north through the Navaho Reservation and up to Moab before turning east to head over the mountains to Colorado. North of Flagstaff, just after the road turns toward Tuba City, it passes these layered hills. Like a many flavored layer cake!

Monument Valley Utah
North of Kayenta, the road passes through Monument Valley, which straddles the Arizona/Utah state line. It's magnificent from every direction but this view from the north looking south is my favorite.

Sharp Turn Ahead
As the road nears the town of Mexican Hat, Utah, there are warning signs for miles about an upcoming sharp right turn.

And a Hill Too
Oh, and there is a steep hill right before the turn too!

M U S T Turn Right
See? If you don't make the turn, there will be trouble! A river on one side and a solid rock wall on the other!

San Juan River Bridge
This is the bridge over the San Juan River.

The Bottom Dropped Out
The mountains on the east side of Mexican Hat are quite interesting geologically. To me it looks like the "bottom fell out" at the end of the ridges. You can see how they just slump off suddenly.

Delicate Arch
Rather than trying to make the entire drive to Colorado in one day, I decided to break it up a bit this trip and that gave me time to take a side trip to Arches National Park. My first stop was to see Delicate Arch, the arch depicted on Utah license plates. It looks small in this picture (because I'm a mile away from it!) but is really about 45 feet across the base of the opening.

Arches Natl Park
Next I stopped to take a short walk to Sand Dune Arch. To reach this spot, you walk in deep fine sand between the tall narrow fins of rock.

Sand Dune Arch
It's a secret arch, hidden within the rock fins!

Broken Arch
Nearby is Broken Arch. The colors of the landscape here are gorgeous.

Skyline Arch
Down the road a bit is Skyline Arch. Lots of old twisted junipers here that I loved.

Arches National Park at Sunset
The landscape in Arches glows in the setting sun. The snow capped peaks in the distance are the La Sal Mountains. A perfect view to end a lovely day!


Leeanne said…
Wow what amazing photo's.We have a beautiful country here in New Zealand, but you sure have some spectacular scenery.
Thankyou for sharing.
Lesley said…
Thank you so much for taking me along for the ride. What spectacular scenery. Here in Norfolk in the UK. the landscape is very flat (not a hill, let alone a mountain in sight) everywhere is very green though, and we have wide open skies, which I love. Thanks again. Beautiful pics
Tanechka said…
Very beautiful photos, thanks!Where I live, there are no mountains.
welltraveled said…
HAve a safe FUN trip home to Colorado
Laurie said…
Your pictures and descriptions are beautiful! I really like the last one of the sunset, with all the different climates and contrasts, it's amazing! A trip I need to make one day. Thanks for sharing!
Cathy said…
Wow, what lovely pictures! I live here in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah but have never been to Arches National Park. Now it's on my Must See list. Thank you for sharing those pictures! Hugs, Cathy
FredaB said…
What beautiful country and what great pictures you take. I have never been through that area and am sorry we have missed it.


Tatkis said…
So beautiful pictures! A lot of space and air - I love them all!

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