Woven Cloth

woven cloth 2, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
Recently, I became aware of the work of Jude Hill and her blog Spirit Cloth. I've found her quilt weaving so inspiring and love the interactions she gets between layers of cloth and the stitching and embellishment she uses on it.

Cloth weaving

So often I find that after a time, my work falls into a rut and I end up creating the same type of thing over and over. The colors might vary, the theme and even the stitches, but again and again I return to what is comfortable. But now and then something inspires me to climb out of that comfortable rut and to try something new. To see the creative process in a new light, to think differently from the usual. The goal is not to copy someone else's work, but to then create something inspired by their work that is entirely one's own.

woven cloth 1
Inspired by Jude's work, I've embarked on my own bit of "spirit cloth". This bit of woven cloth is created from strips of linen torn from an old worn linen runner, part of which was so riddled with holes it was virtually unusable for anything at all, scraps of silk, some new linen and bits of lace from a bridal sample. With this grid in place, I can't wait to start stitching on it, adding tidbits of things to reflect where I am at this moment on the creative journey!


Laurie said…
I'm really anxious to see what you do with this! It looks very intriguing! Hope to see some pictures.
Rosali said…
Your blog is very nice.
jude said…
hey, nice start!
Anonymous said…
Oh Lisa, I have admired this type of work in books etc. and have always loved it. I love what you have picked for a start. It looks like there is some eyelet in there too but maybe not. It will evolve into something very wonderful I'm sure! Mary
FredaB said…
Hi Lisa

This sure looks like it would be a fun project. I certainly have enough old linens and fabrics to play around with. I might try this myself for a change of pace. you are right that we get in a rut and keep doing the same things over and over.

Will be watching and enjoying your progress.


Karen said…
How interesting. I am gonna love watching this work continue.

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