A Blessed Easter!

Inchies 11 & 12, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

I've had a quiet Easter at home. Such a beautiful warm and sunny day here in northern Arizona! With all the sunshine pouring in through the windows, it was a lovely day to sit and stitch. I finished Inchies # 11 and 12. Lovely green grass ~ something I crave here in northern Arizona where the grass doesn't really turn green until the monsoon rains come in July. Little blue forget-me-nots are such a perfect little spring flower. Every time I see them, they make me smile!

Winter/Christmas DYB
Though today is Easter, I also did some Christmas stitching today. Last week I received my Winter/Christmas DYB blocks back from our round robin group. It is always so much fun to see the blocks in person after hearing about them and seeing photographs. After looking at them all together and deciding that I wanted to make a bell pull out of them, I stitched the last block to coordinate with the rest.

Winter Christmas Bell Pull
Then I stitched them together and embroidered the joining seams. Now I just need to add the backing and binding and this will be a completed project! From top to bottom the work on the blocks was completed by: RoseAnne (Canada); jointly by all participants; Rita (USA); Karrin (USA); Margreet (Netherlands); me (USA). Thank you ladies for your wonderful work!

Easter Blooms

It didn't seem right at Easter to leave you with images of Christmas, so here is one of my favorite Easter photos from a couple years ago!

See the land, her Easter keeping,

Rises as her Maker rose.

Seeds, so long in darkness sleeping,

Burst at last from winter snows.

Earth with heaven above rejoices.

~ Charles Kingsley

Hope you have all been having a blessed and joyful day!


Gillie said…
Such beautiiful pictures, thank you so much. When I grow up (lol) I want to do crazy quilts like yours! Happy Easter!
Dianne said…
Thank you for your beautiful blog. I adore the Christmas crazy bell pull.
FredaB said…
That is going to be wonderful for next Christmas. I too have been toying with the idea of making one. this inspired me.


Lovely bits that make a home...a bed a storage a table a quilt...your wonderful embroidery reminds me of a warm and happy home.

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