Over the Mountains...

Grand Junction farms, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Passing through the Grand Junction, Colorado area in the spring is a delight! The globe willows, perfect balls of green are among the first trees to leaf out in the spring. This area is known for it's neat vineyards and peach orchards!

Glenwood Canyon
As the highway passes into the mountains, it follows the Colorado River. East of Glenwood Springs, it passes through Glenwood Canyon, an area renowned for it's beauty. There are several rest areas from which to enjoy the river views and a walking/bike path traverses the entire canyon.

Glenwood Canyon Highway
I can remember driving through the canyon as a child with my parents when the road was a two lane road at the river's edge. What an engineering feat it was to put in a 4 lane interstate through this canyon in a way that had minimal impact on the land and preserved the beauty! It's one of the most beautiful sections of interstate I've ever traveled! You can see my car's mascot "Pip" riding on the dash in many of my "road" photos. He's a pika, the smallest member of the rabbit family that lives in the boulder fields of the Colorado mountains ~ in stuffed animal form! He's named Pip because that is the sound they make!

Snowman on Vail Pass
There is still a LOT of snow in the Colorado mountains! Loved this snowman that someone built at the Vail Pass Rest Area!

Snow Covered Peaks
The view from the Vail Rest Area is spectacular, especially when the snow covers the peaks!

Ski Slopes
Down the road from the pass is the ski area called Copper Mountain. It's ski runs are still open despite it being the middle of April!

Lake Dillon
Lake Dillon sits between the towns of Frisco and Dillon and is surrounded by peaks. As you can tell, it is still covered in snow and ice! Spring is a long way off at this altitude!

My Dad
Down in the Front Range however, spring is well underway, as evidenced by the trees and grass in my parents new yard! This is my Dad as he surveys the landscape while I was getting acquainted with my parent's new surroundings.

Jonathan and Puppy
My oldest son came by with the new Australian Shepherd puppy that my son the Marine recently got. What a sweet little gal she is and so smart, quite responsive to the training she is receiving at 7 months of age!

How lovely to be home and surrounded by family once again!


Tatkis said…
Wonderful pictures! Thanks!
Laurie said…
I'm really enjoying these pictures, it's the closest I get to traveling there! It's on my list though, thanks for the great photolog!
It's been years since I was out West and your photos remind me how much I miss it. Just beautiful...
Anonymous said…
Oh how I miss visiting Colorado. Boulder was where I based from and then always traveled into the mountains, across on the Peak to Peak etc. but your pictures are so wonderful compared to what I have. Your parents property looks wonderful, enjoy your visit! Mary
Adrienne said…
Your photos are gorgeous! I almost feel as if I was there with you. Wouldn't it have been fun to see the sights and chat at the same time? Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
I felt like I was driving along with you. Those views are stunning, so different to here. Isn't it just the best feeling to be among family again. There's nothing like it!

Thanks for your comment today. It meant a lot to me as I haven't been having a very good time lately, so cheered me up :o)

Bye for now
Have a lovely weekend

Carolyn xo
hpk said…
Give big hugs to Mommy and Daddy for me! What a great funky picture of an idyllic snowman. Hard to believe there is that much snow on the Continental Divide from here in the Verde Valley in AZ. Hope you have a wonderful stay. hpk

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