Wendy's Encrusted Block

Wendy's Encrusted Block, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

With the trip home to Colorado surrounded by busy weeks of work, there hasn't been much opportunity for stitching until today. Wendy's blocks for the Encrusted Round Robin have a carnival theme and have been quite a challenge for me! But I loved the peacock mask in the center and am using it as my inspiration along with the two blocks already completed by Gerry and Ritva!

So far, I've added a few seam treatments and a bit of glitzy trim left over from a ballet costume re-hab. To continue the peacock theme, I created a peacock feather out of some metallic green fiber and added a beaded eye to it! I'll stitch it down to the block after I've completed the seams. Still to come is an embroidered peacock feather, more fancy seams and some bling!


Anonymous said…
WOW, this is great. I love the colors and especially the peacock mask. Mary
Laurie Brown said…
Lovely! I especially love the beaded eye.
Laurie said…
This is beautiful! LOVE the peacock theme.
Bonnie said…
wow....that is incredibly beautiful.
Do you know this about Flannery O'Connor? She raised peacocks and taught a chicken to walk backwards!
Wendy said…
Hi Lisa, I love what you have done so far. It is so lovely. I can hardly wait to get my blocks home and see them all together.

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