Morning Visitors and Saguaro in the Spring

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Shortly after I got up this morning I looked up to see a small herd of mule deer crossing the hillside. In all the time that I've lived here, I've never seen deer on this hillside, so it was a real treat to see them! This young buck is checking out the birdseed in the bird feeders and trying to decide if he might get a snack there.

Hello there!

Then he saw me! We must have both stood there watching each other for close to 10 minutes! With the window between us, we were only a few feet apart. When the neighbor's dog started to bark, he decided that the birdseed wasn't a good snack after all and left to join the rest of the group. It made my day to have a chance to observe him so close! I was so happy that the camera was close at hand and that I was able to get such great shots of him!

I also wanted to share a little bit about our visit to Saguaro National Park last week. We ended up making 3 visits to the park in our 3 days there. Each time, we saw different things and were able to visit both the west side and the east side of the park. The city of Tucson lies between the two sides of the park.

Saguaro at Sunset

The first evening, we arrived in time to hike a short nature trail. The setting sun gave everything a lovely warm glow. This saguaro made me smile as it seems almost like it is smiling too!

Saguaro Sunset

Sunset in the desert is spectacular with an amazing array of color. The mountains really do turn purple and the sky contains every color possible from yellow to orange, apricot, pink and lavender.

Springtime in Saguaro

On our way home, we made one last drive through the west part of Saguaro and came across this hillside covered with blooming poppies.

Carpet of Wild Poppies

I'm not sure there are words to describe or photos adequate to show just how beautiful and amazing the poppies were! I was so excited to get out and take pictures that I neglected to check the camera settings and as a result, my pictures are not quite in focus unfortunately.

Wild Poppies

The poppies are small, maybe an inch in diameter, but so incredibly bright and cheerful!

Spring Poppies in Saguaro

It was amazing to see nothing there but cactus one day, but the following day to see these brilliant carpets of flowers! I can only imagine what it must have been like a few days later when everything was in full bloom!


Susan Elliott said…
you are one lucky girl...even the sunset blushes for you. And the carpet of poppies reminded me of Dorothy sleeping in them on her way to OZ...weren't you tempted to lie down a little bit?

And, that young buck is beautiful. You can almost sense his teenager-ness...he actually reminded me of my son Jack...
Laurie said…
Unbelievable pictures! The buck, the desert skyline, the poppy's, thanks for sharing with us!
Anonymous said…
I feel like I'm taking an incredible, interesting on-line course for free when I visit you each day. I learn and enjoy everything you share with us. Thank you so much Lisa!!!! Mary
Heikesquilt said…
Thank You for sharing these beautiful pictures. I think next time when we will visit Arizona we should heading south to see these beautiful National Park.
I love Your stitchery
Greetings from Germany
Vintage Sandy said…
Thanks for the lovely always brighten up my day with your pictures whether be stitchery or landscape photos♥

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